Is This Life A Dead End?

I never knew when I started this blog how much of exploring life I would be doing.  My work is part of this exploration.  My OBE’s and mindful practices are part of this exploration.  My writing most days is a total exploration of what is flowing through me.  My wife and the people around me are all part of this exploration.  As I am writing this I wonder what life is about?  Are we suppose to be exploring who we are?  Whose idea is it that we travel this path of exploration?  Do other cultures see life as an exploration?

Some people believe that we are here to grow as human beings and that is our purpose.  Who decided that growth is what we are to do?  This sounds more like a human interpretation of the feedback life gives us along the way.  What is growth for us humans, does it have to do with having more compassion and raising our consciousness or expressing our uniqueness, or having more fun, or being more successful?

Other people believe in a God that is watching our every move and judging us and will either punish us or take us into heaven.  This is more a traditional religious point of view.  The God of each religion seems to have different expectations of us humans.  Some Gods are vengeful and other compassionate.  Does each religion have their own reason we exist?

In the East there are beliefs in the transmigration of the soul, that we keep coming back until we get it right (Maybe that was the movie Groundhog Day?) or work through our karma or return to the light of our divine nature.  The belief in reincarnation has been around for thousands of years and many wise people have accepted that as the truth.  Who keeps score of our karma? Who decides when we get it right?  Some might say there are parallel realities where these lifetimes all happen at the same time?  It sounds complicated but then so is life.

Others think we got one run at this life, with no afterlife.  This point of view supports living life fully today because this is as good as it gets.   This viewpoint is usually not religious and it is about finding meaning in what you do and who you are.  If there is no afterlife, no return, no watching God then it kind of frees us up to enjoy the moment.

There are other viewpoints about the meaning of life is but no one seems to know for sure.  I am only certain that this life is worth living as fully as we can.  I use to believe in the importance of the lessons of this life (and other lives if there are others) but now that doesn’t quite seem so important.  This someone keeping track to see if we have been naughty or nice seems more like Santa than God. 

Over my lifetime I have explored a variety of beliefs and now I just seek the truth as much as I can know it.  I know that I mostly likely have this day to live and I might as well live it as I want to with purpose, playfulness, happiness, love and my unique personal expression. 

If there is a God, he or she must want me to be me or they would have snuffed me out long ago.  Maybe we are like a giant ant farm and God is using us for entertainment, the ultimate reality show, but then again I wouldn’t be interesting in living up to the expectations of that kind of God.

The best bet is to live the life you want to live and the rest will take care of itself.  I do think having an open mind and heart would be assets on this journey.  What do you think about the meaning of life?