50 Questions We In America All Need To Ask

Maybe self-hate (see previous post) is the reason we put up with so much nonsense in the world.  Isn’t it time we question all that needs to be questioned?  Lately as I read the news and think about all the things that do not seem right, I keep coming back to this question: Why do we put up with things we all know are wrong?

The following questions need to be asked until changes come about:

  1. How come automobile gas mileage stays about the same when there is technology to greatly extend the miles-per-gallon? 
  2. Isn’t this gas guzzling about profits with zero concern for the planet?
  3. How come people let their beliefs override the reality of science?
  4. How come in most corporations profits matter much more than people and we put up with that?
  5. How come hugely profitable oil and energy companies, get financial subsidies from our government?
  6. How come Monsanto is attempting to own all the seed supply and dictate policy to American farmers?
  7. Is it ok with you that many corporate farms pollute the land and water supply with their chemicals?
  8. Is it ok that corporate executives make record amounts of pay, bonuses and benefits, yet the worker are suppose to take cuts and loose benefits?
  9. Are unions necessary or should we just trust corporate leaders to be fair with their workers, lets ask the people of Wisconsin what they think?
  10. How come our elected officials in Washington DC have excellent healthcare and yet they don’t want the people to have the same?
  11. Did you know that most of the attacks on unions are financed by the very rich who get richer from taking power away from unions?
  12. Is it fair that companies like Bank Of America pay little or no taxes?
  13. Is it ok that mortgage companies trap families in faulty financial arrangements and then take away their homes (over a million homes last year)?
  14. Is it ok that we imprison a much higher percentage of our citizens than any other modern nation and most of those in prison are victims of child abuse?
  15. Is it ok that many companies in the US have offshore offices and pay no taxes?
  16. Is it ok that there are close to 25% of the children of this nation now living in poverty?
  17. How come doctors who work for insurance companies get bonuses for denying claims?
  18. Does it seem wrong to you that drug companies make money off the sick and often charge so much for their medications that people go broke paying for them?
  19. How come religions talk about the evils of money and keep asking for more of it?
  20. How come churches who claim to be followers of Jesus can be so intolerant of others yet flock back to ministers who live a lie to what they preach?
  21. How come people hate paying taxes but insist on government services like fire, police, military etc. 
  22. How come we are ok with spending billions of dollars on the War in Iraq when we never need to be in this war?
  23. How come we are in a war in Afghanistan when the vast majority of American are against it?
  24. How come we have become a nation that allows torture and secret prisons?
  25. Could it be that our immigration policies are not changes because so many businesses benefit from the cheap labor?
  26. If extremism in Islam is a problem then why aren’t all extreme beliefs just as dangerous?
  27. If unchecked capitalism is such a good idea how come we were such a mess in 2008? 
  28. How come people think the past is better?  Was it?
  29. What person in their right mind would ever want to be President of the United States?  
  30. How come the United States goes into oil rich and resource rich nations to help them find democracy yet ignore the slaughter of people in Africa and other places? 
  31. How come it is ok to spend billions on bailing out Wall Street but helping Main Street doesn’t work in the budget? 
  32. How come we let our politicians be totally bought out by influence money so they represent the money interests and not what is best for the people?
  33. How come ignorance, lies and poor behavior is tolerated in our leaders?
  34. How come people listen to those that spread hate and bias across our airways? 
  35. How come people swallow the empty slogans of much of political ideology?
  36. How come we allow religious leaders to try and dictate policy in this country?
  37. How come those in power are so afraid of questions?
  38. Has freedom of press lost out to corporate rule?
  39. What happened to all the money that disappeared in Iraq under our watch?
  40. How come women are still treated as second-class citizens by many and women put up with it?
  41. How come no one has validly explained what happened to tower three on 9/11?
  42. Why would people watch the very biased Fox Network other than to support their biases? 
  43. Is it ok that the middle class is disappearing at an alarming rate?
  44. Is it ok that 5% of the people control 95% of the wealth of this nation?
  45. How come people have such rigid beliefs and don’t question these beliefs?
  46. How come many people prefer to numb out and live unconsciously?
  47. How come the Supreme Court is so political instead of unbiased?
  48. How come many of the manufacturing jobs have moved overseas by American companies and is this another example of profits over people?
  49. How come we give corporations the same (if not more) rights as we give the people of this nation?
  50. How come people have stopped questioning what needs to be questioned?

There are so many questions to ask.  Let’s all work together to hold people accountable for their greed, for their heartlessness, for their hunger for power, for their lack of caring about what is right for all the people.  Questions bring about change, complaining does little but create more frustration.   Be part of the change and get involved. 

Thank you Michael Moore for your talk in Wisconsin