Day Two Of The Nothing Is Wrong Experiment

Day two of the Nothing Wrong/Everything Right 30-Day Experiment has been off to a less than perfect start.  The Earthquake in Japan, the Tsunami’s, the nuclear reactor explosion and fire in the hills just west of Boulder and the blasting wind that woke us up many times during the night.  I guess the universe said ok Mister, let see what you got? 

I love a challenge don’t you?  The earthquake, the tsunami, the wind are all natural phenomena so there is nothing wrong with these occurrences.  However it appears we could learn from this about building cities and reactors in safer placers.   A friend of mine said, “you don’t build a home on the side of a volcano, why would you build in reach of the ocean?”  Is there anything wrong with this question? 

The fire here is said to be human caused (as was the other recent one), so do we punish those who make these mistakes?   Is a mistake doing something wrong or simply a mistake?  We all make mistakes and some of them may have cost us relationships, jobs, new opportunities etc. but were we wrong?

Today it feels like early spring and my morning run took me up this grassing valley into the hills and a beautiful pine forest.  I thought of the Native American tradition of saying thank you to the four directions as I entered the pines and I stopped long enough to say thank the Earth for the beauty that surrounded me.   There really is much to be thankful for and nature seems to a good reminder to appreciate what is around us. 

How do we understand the incredible loss in Japan?  Is there a greater force out their smacking the people of the nation around?  I doubt it very much.  Japan has long been prone to earthquakes so to live there means the threat of this kind of destruction.  The loss of human lives is the hardest to understand but those who are gone are free of the drama of this life.  May they be at peace!

Part of what I want to add to this experiment is that I want to share with you at least one link/video/podcast that I have found expansive:  Here is a Youtube video you might appreciate and here is an interesting article.