Ten Ways To Find Our Own Truth

Being informed is so important because these are times where our choices are critical.  In my experiment about “nothing wrong” what I am beginning to understand is that there are many things going on we need to know about for the betterment of humanity and the planet.  This does not mean we have to go into judging mode or condemning anyone.  What it does mean is that we need to see all that is going on so we can be informed in how we think and how we act. 

Gandhi and Martin Luther King have been a great inspiration to me because both called for the moral high ground and did not spend time in bashing others.  These two and many others have organized people to move into passionate action for greater causes not against people. 

There are so many out there claiming to know what is wrong but very few have the answers and that is because these are challenging times and there may not be clear answers.  Each of us needs to access the wisdom inside so we can know our own truth.  Truth is not something we are told but something we discover within.  Here are the best ways I have found to know our own truths:

  1. Trust your gut – the body wisdom is not fooled by the twists and turns of the rationalizing mind.  The gut is never governed by the ego.
  2. Put yourself in a daily timeout – we all need quiet time to tune inward.  There is no true knowing that happens without the deep understanding of quiet contemplation 
  3. Follow your intuition – this way of knowing is always there below the surface waiting to be heard.  Our intuitions will always lead us to what is right for us.
  4. Respect the movement inside – we are either expanding or contracting in relationship to what is going on around us.  Following our truth expands us; going against our truth contracts us. 
  5. Move from judging towards understanding – compassion is a key measure in truth seeking.  The truth always involves compassion or it is the ego-mind at work. 
  6. Pay attention to how we feel – emotions give us almost constant feedback.  If we feel bad, angry, or hateful then we are not in our truth.  If we feel hope, happy or loving we are on the right track
  7. Be informed and keep seeking ideas – the more our mind and heart takes in the more expansive our decision-making.  Seek authors, web sites, and programs that exhibit higher consciousness and awareness.
  8. Raise our own consciousness through inner practices – being present is another key ingredient in understanding truth.  Knowing happens in the now and inner practices help us be fully present to ourselves and the collective wisdom of the universe.
  9. Be guided by our heart – our heart is more truthful than our mind.  Our heart always senses what is right and not right.  Our loving heart is such a powerful force for a better world.
  10. Be guided by the spirit within – When we tune into the deeper understanding of what we value morally/spiritually we are communicating with our highest knowing.  Our higher nature is aligned with the true wisdom of the universe.

What other ways have you found helpful in accessing your own truths?  Our truth seeking is one of the reasons we are here in this lifetime.  In touch with our truth we can live a powerful and purposeful life.  Another interesting video.