Tapping Into The Energy Of Life

On my walk I found my mind wondering about all the forces of energy we interact with throughout our day.  I was also curious about how do we access energies that would be healthy for us and enriching for our lives?  Maybe all these energies are in fact one energy?

A primary energetic force seems to be the energy called our life force.  This is the energy that keeps us alive.  Without this energy we would not be in existence.  In some belief systems this energy is finite and when it runs out we stop.  Or maybe this energy is infinite and we are the ones who argue for it running out?

Then there is the energy of our thoughts and this energy can be creative and move us into action.  It can also stop us by getting congested with confusion.  Thoughts are powerful.  Just look around and realize that everything made by humans began as a thought. 

Connected to the energy of our thoughts is the energy of our heart.  Each of us has within us a powerful energetic force called love and this force is transformative.  The power of love and compassion is unlimited and in a very essential way the key to a much better world.  If compassion guided humanity things would be in much better shape for everyone.

The energy of money is another way of looking at our financial world.  Money is an exchange of energy, on a simple level we get money for the work we do (energy we put out) and we pay money for the work others do (energy they put out.)  Sometimes the energy of money gets stuck and the flow subsides.  Sometimes the money gets too concentrated in a few hands and that puts things out of balance. 

The energy that fuels our heat, our cars, our lights etc. is another force.  This energy people go to war over.  Has this energy gotten too valuable for the good of the planet? 

There is the energy for healing, the energy of the martial arts, the energy of consciousness and awareness.  This energy is connected to our life force but seems moveable or beyond the forces within us.  This is the energy that healers use to heal, that martial artist learn to direct as part of the disciplines, that also can be directed towards the pursuit of ones potential or the search for meaning and enlightenment.

Then there is the energy of an ever-expanding universe.  It seems difficult to understand how powerful this force is and is this force within us?  Are all these forces linked to each other or maybe they are one force, which we separate in our thinking but do so artificially?

What if there is only one force and if we learn to tap into it then all our energy needs both personal and global can be met effortlessly? 

As I write this there seems to be a deep resonance in me with the idea that there is only One Energy.  This energy is the energy of the universe that is contained in our thoughts and in our heart.  This is the energy that fuels us, enriches us, heals us, and expands our realization of being. 

How do we remain in open connection to the flow of this One Energy?  For an experiment why don’t we tapped into this Unified Energy Field and see what we can learn as we go through our day?