Open To Creative Flow

Lately I have been focused on putting together several e-books with the help of my wife who has a wonderful eye for designing.  One of those e-books will be out tomorrow.  I will write more about this new book called Spirited Living in the next post.  Today I wanted to write about the inspiration that is flowing through me.  This inspiration seems greater than me and I find that very interesting

Recently I have been going through my almost 1400 posts and I am in awe of this and I wonder where did all this come from?  Who is writing all of this?  What wisdom is flowing through me?  How do I manage to stay open? 

I am a quiet person who spends most of my day listening to people and helping them sort out their lives.  Reading and the exploration of ideas is also an integral part of my day.  When I am not at work, I read, listening to interesting podcasts and programs, and spend time in mindfulness and other contemplative practices.  Fitness, writing and cooking are three other parts of most days.  Yes it is a busy day and yet there seems to be plenty of energy.  

As I look at my day, I see intense interactions during work and than mostly time for self-nurturing of mind, body, and spirit.   My day has evolved over the years to represent what works best for me.  In my ordinary day there is my expression as a therapist, which is more quiet than talkative.  In the other part of my day is my expression as a reader, meal maker, contemplative, and writer, which are usually quiet pursuits. Also there is this constant flow of ideas, insights and experiences that also inform my day. 

From this mix of listening, inner work and personal explorations comes this vast flow of inspiration.  This flow seems to be there when I open to it and there has become an intuitive trust in the process.  With trust and flow and a keyboard as a canvas, I seem to have tapped into a part of me or something greater that is rich in expression waiting to be expressed.   Like the universe that is expanding at an accelerated pace, (see post below) there are parts of me that have come into being recently.  This I find very exciting and although I lack clarity about where it comes from, I am open to this flow and grateful for it.

This same potential for expression resides in you too.  Through your life experiences, your learning, your doing, and the way you are in the world empower your expansion.  The ways your potential is expressed will be unique to you.  You may: be creative; have fun doing what you love to do; invent or design; teach and inspire; help heal or awaken; make a difference for others or many other possibilities.   If you go inward you will be guided to an even greater expression of yourself. 

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