Your Thinking Shapes Your Experience Of Life

My new e-book Spirited Living is on the way.  Last night my writing time for the post needed to be spent in proofing so I will be short and to the point.  

How you think about the circumstances of you life shape your experience.  If you think people or situations are not fair, then you will feel upset and powerless.  If you think the best of people and situations you will be happier with life.

As with my experiment, if you think everything is as it should be and not focus on what is wrong then things will seem to work out in a way that feels ok.   If you focus on what is not ok you will be very busy dealing with all that is wrong.

This being said, we have to check out a couple of safety valves to make sure we are not kidding or blinding ourselves by our own beliefs.  The following are effective Inner BS Detectors (IBSD’s):

  • Your heart is not easily fooled by foolish thoughts.  You feel expansive when things are right and contracted when things are off.
  • Your gut starts rumbling when you are going against what you sense is right for you. 
  • Your intuition is fine-tuned and it knows what is best for you and what is not.
  • Your feelings will give you feedback about what you are up to, when you feel light, hopeful, energized, open and at peace with yourself, you are heading in the right direction in your life.  If you are uneasy, anxious, and upset then you are heading toward a big mistake.
  • Your higher mind observes what is and knows what isn’t.  This knowing sees without judging what will work for you and what won’t.

I hope you pay attention each day to these IBSD’s because they will enrich your life and keep you are of the doghouse.