Hope, Spirit and Flow

It has been a rough week with much intensity at work, some highly charged emotions and lots of proofing for my latest e-book.  My mind seems a little fried and I can feel the need for some time off.  Next week I am taking time away from work to relax, quiet the mind, work on some personal projects, and have some fun.  I am ready for an extending break from my addictions work but as of yet I am still working on how to do that.  There is no shortage of ideas so my task is to figure, which ideas have the most traction for creating the results I want.

Quiet time is so needed, my head feels full of words, my heart is full of emotions, my body feels tired but there is an energy force in me, which I call Spirit that is fully charged and ready to go.  In the stillness within is the possibility of directly knowing the guidance my Spirit has for me.  I love to spend time in contemplation where the spring of wisdom, consciousness and creativity flow richly. 

The Spirited Living e-book is coming but as always with writing there is more to do to get things where I want them to be.  My wife has been working hard at a website for this book and it looks great. 

There are at least three more books in the incubator so I feel surrounded by words and possibilities.  I am excited and it will take some time and focus to make all these happen.  The best part is that I feel hopeful and I am grateful for this hope.