Reclaiming The Social Critic Voice

My experimental focus on “there is nothing wrong” has been a big challenge because there is so much going on that needs to be questioned.   I could right now put out a lengthy list of questions that I think should be asked but that isn’t what I am going to do. 

What I have noticed is that things have been more stirred up in me and that may be because my writing is an outlet and I have been trying to keep it channeled away from looking at what is wrong.  Yes there are many things that are going right and to focus on those things can be uplifting.  Focusing on what I appreciate about my life is also uplifting.

The other side of us humans is our dark side or shadow.  It seems to me that acknowledging the restless, stirred up, hurt, sad, mad, dissatisfied, and critical parts of who we are is also essential to our well-being.  Expressing these parts of us make us whole, not expressing the shadow causes us to stuff what is uncomfortable and that can't be as healthy.  

The quieting of my social critic seems to not be working so well inside of me.  The social commentary I write about may need some fine tuning because of my own beliefs but it still seems to be an important voice both for my mental health and because there is a real need to question what is.  To question seems to be essential for me.   The political part of the questioning is something I want to place much more in background and instead go in search of the deeper truths.

I want to reclaim and express my social critic so I am ending the “nothing is wrong” experiment for my own well-being and because this voice needs to speak.  On a higher level there is nothing wrong but on a global/humanity level there is so much that needs to be questioned and worked out for the better of all beings. 

My e-book Spirited Living is going through some final editing and it will be released next Tuesday.  If you want a preview copy and are willing to send back a quote we can use in promotions let me know.

Today I am another year older and I am going to go have some fun.