Three Commitments For My 61st Year

Now that I am older and wiser as of yesterday, I plan to commit to several new directions in my life.  Actually I strongly feel the need to prioritize my focus and stir things up.  When things get stirred up new results can come about; when I keep on doing things as I have, they tend to create the same results.  You may notice the truth of this in your life?

My new and focused directions have lead to the following commitments:

My first commitment is to expand my inner practices through adding Taoist practices in the qi gong, tai chi tradition, which I have explored in the past and want to deepen.  Inner work stirs things up on a number of levels.  The OBE’s have been great for inner stirrings and these new practices will do the same. 

My second commitment is to write a book called The Revolution Of Compassion, which I have written about considering here at this blog.  This book is calling me to begin now and I strongly sense this is where I need to put my attention.  My goal will be to stay out of the way of the inspiration that wants to flow through me.  This may effect the number of posts I do each week.  What I plan to do is share some of book ideas in the form of blog posts so you will journey with me as I write this book.  I anticipate lots of inspiration and energy for this project.

My third commitment is creating my freedom from a 40-hour a week job so I can fully focus on my writing, my research, my exploration of consciousness, and my peace and social change work.  I will be presenting a number of products over the next few months to help support my work.  These products have the capacity to enrich your life so I ask that you consider purchasing them both for your personal growth and to support my work. 

Over the next few months please pass these product offers, my blog posts and the new websites on to your friends and family so that I can grow a support network.  Together we can be powerful agents for change and I am requesting your support and encouragement.  Each of us has our own particular purpose and mine is clearly about expanding compassion and consciousness for the good of all of us on the planet.  With expanded compassion and higher consciousness the solutions to the world’s problems become clear.  

I have this week off from my job and I plan on being very productive about getting these three commitments fully fired up, also I will enjoy some respite from the intensity of the therapeutic work I do, and I will have some fun each day.