Vacation At Home Can be So Nice

My week off so far has been enjoyable and enriching.  There has been no need to travel to get some place, which has been nice.  I enjoy where I live when the winter disappears.  This week as part of my renewal vacation I am reading The Greatest Secret Of All by Marc Allen.  I picked the book up cheap as the local Borders, which is closing.  It makes me sad when bookstores close because I love books and the endless interest they have between their covers. 

Marc Allen is clear that the greatest secret is as available to us as we are available to understanding it.  One of the secrets he refers to often is the importance of love and service.  This is always a good reminder for whatever we are engaged in. The Greatest Secret Of All is short, to the point, and the ideas are worth reading even if they are review of what you may already understand to be true.  Truths are often better understood when they come to us from a variety of points of view. 

Around noon my wife and I went to this event that we heard about the day before where a healer named Braco (pronounced Brotszo) came into a room and gazed into the eyes of all of us (1000 people) who where there.  I thought there were cameras flashing but after the session I heard not everyone saw the light show when he was standing there.  There were no cameras flashing. The energy in the room was very soothing and seemed to be coming from his heart.  He doesn’t speak because he has learned that words get in the way of the healing.  

It snowed yesterday early in the morning and tomorrow it is suppose to be 88 degrees.  Now that makes a body wonder what the heck is going on.  I will go for a long slow distance (LSD) run up in the mountains today.  Yes and sometime LSD running is like LSD because the exercise and the beauty of nature around me alter my mind.  I like a well altered mind every once in awhile (actually frequently). 

My mind just returned to the idea of love and service.  My work has been in service to others all my adult life and it has been very rewarding.  During these years of helping others I have learned to open my heart to love and be more compassionate.  Helping others is very rewarding.   Having a week off is also rewarding because I can feel myself being recharged by the quiet time, the self-care, the play and enjoying time away. 

My new e-book Spirited Living is now out there and so far I have heard from two people who were both excited about having a copy and exploring the ideas.  Check this book out when you get a chance.