The Way Is Available To You

The reading I am doing this week has really stirred things up for me.  I rediscovered an author I had read in the past and I very moved by the depth of wisdom this novel contains.  The author is Reshad Feild and the book I am rereading is The Invisible Way.  I just ordered used copied of all of his novels at Amazon because I am excited he has several I haven’t yet read and one I will reread.  Reshad is a Brit who studies The Way, which is from the Sufi tradition.  

“What is real for anyone is what one sees with the outer or inner eye.  ‘We become what we behold, ‘ Blake once said.”  This is from The Invisible Way.  Reshad ideas in his novels are transformative and if you stop by this blog often, you know I love a great story, which is also enlightening.  I went searching on the web and I found one link for him so I will keep on looking and share any links that seem informative about this awesomely inspired writer.

As I am writing about this I feel excitement flowing through me and I remember that 10 years ago I had a teacher from the Sufi tradition and now I understand what all this energy is flowing through me.  I am feeling the inspirational energy of my past studies and sense they are coming together in some way that is filling me with hope and a belief that I am coming more fully into the wisdom that is available to me.  This new awareness of trust in the wisdom inside is just what I have been seeking.  I have been an active student of consciousness for 35 years and just recently I have felt the want/need/desire to more fully claim the wisdom of my seeking. 

This all seems to be speeding along as I write this.  I want to be of service at a more energized and realized level so I can help to awaken everyone I come into contact with.  This is my purpose and I feel it flowing through me like a mighty river flowing powerfully to it destination.  This destination is the ocean of consciousness in which we are all one awareness, innately divine, and infinite is all ways we can know. 

This power surge of energy within me is waiting quietly within you because according to the Buddha:  “When you wake up, you are filled with love and compassion.”  

Love and compassion are the answers to all the world’s challenges and is the heart of my idea for my book The Revolution of Compassion.