Positive Comments And Compassionate Hearts

Just got this really wonderful comment about my new book Spirited Living:

I have read hundreds of self help books.  But I’ve never been as impressed with any of them as I have with Spirited Living.  Joseph Bernard makes good on his promise to show you how to “make a conscious choice to transform your life every day in every way.”  This book is filled with insightful information presented in an easy to read – and more important, easy to apply – format.  Joseph suggests you print this eBook and use it to take notes.  I printed my copy as soon as I received it and have filled the margins with notes on the ideas in the book that have special meaning for me.  Get this book, print it and use it to guide you on your personal journey.

 Bud Bilanich

The Common Sense guy

Denver, CO USA

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In an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way,” these are the words of Catherine Ponder that she advises using with all of our affirmations.  Catherine Ponder is an inspirational metaphysical teacher who writes and lectures on universal principles of prosperity.  Prosperity is a really good thing to have in our lives.  My wife and I have a many causes and individuals we want to help and a desire to do philanthropic work.  We have goals, plans and actions to bring prosperity to us in an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way.

How do you want to give in the world?  Compassionate action is so needed.  If we view the world by watching the nightly news we might get the picture there are just a bunch of angry people out there.  Actually there are many kind and giving people on the planet who act with compassion towards others.  Compassionate giving always feels good if it is done with a spacious heart.  If giving is done with expectations then disappointment often follows.  Compassionate actions are most powerful when they are unconditional.

Imagine, dream, visual how you want to give, how you want to make a difference.  Carry that image with you at all times and fill it with hope and positive expectations.  Live it in your mind as if it is the reality and soon it will be.  You are a master manifestor when you set your mind and heart into action. 

My posting will return on Monday.  I am writing for my new book over the next few days and hope to share some part when Monday comes around.  Have a good day.