Aligning With The Infinite

You are a multi-dimensional being able to expand greatly beyond the limited workings of the ego-mind.  I bring this up because it is so easy to get caught in thinking your life drama is who you are.  The drama belongs to the workings of your ego; drama means you are seeing you and your life in very limiting ways.

Imagine that there is an ocean of consciousness that fills the universe.  This consciousness contains the wisdom and knowing of all of humanity and comes from the Source of all creation.  Tapping into this consciousness means you and I have access to infinite wisdom and potential. 

Now imagine that you are a drop that enters into the ocean of consciousness.  Immediately you become connected to all the wisdom and potential.  In this unifying moment all is one.  This realization of oneness and all the possibilities that come with that is much more of who you are than your ego-mind.


Today I am inviting you to see yourself from the perspective of your spirit, your soul, which can be called your higher self or “I AM” state of mind.  This expanded you is limitless, eternal and a most powerful and purposeful force. 

The following is a list of benefits you receive when you align with your infinite spirit: 

Free of judging others and self

Free of enemies

Free of need for approval

Free of need to be in power and control

Free of ego’s influence

Free of the need to be right

Free to learn and grow

Free of any past trauma

Free of any disease

Free to be fit and strong

Free to express your fullest potential

Free of limits of dogma and doctrine

Free to be who you are in the now

Free of the past

Free of the limits of time

Free of physical limits

Free of pain and suffering

Free of self-doubt

Free to be creative

Free to connect to all living things

Free to realize the unity of all life

Free to be joyous

Free to be at peace

Free to live fully

Free of self-imposed limits

Free to be in the rich flow of abundance

Free to play and have fun

Free to love without limits

Free to accept everyone

Free of the fear of death

Free to travel through time

Free to enjoy each moment

Free to care about self

Free to give and be generous

Free to have compassion

Free to be kind in all you do

Free to explore your unique genius

Free to do what you want

Free to explore new places and have new experiences

Free of worry, fear and impatience

Free to be a good friend

Free to inspire others

Free of any expectations

Free to do your best

Free to see the beauty in all things

Free to do the dance of joy

Live as your Spirit and you will experience endless freedom, love, joy and peace.

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