Sunday Ramblings On Self and Politics

I have been trying to post less frequently and focus more on my book and building traffic to this site (PLEASE if you like my blog let others know about it, THANK YOU)I miss the daily posting so some days my posts will be brief with something I am recommending, concerns about the world or some ideas that are inspiring me. 

Here are several thoughts that have been banging around in my head the last few days:

First some personal observations:

  • When I get upset because of things not going well it is because I let my thoughts take me down.  When I feel down, I look inward and find out what thoughts are running me.  These thoughts then need to be replaced with more hopeful thoughts.
  • On a journey out-of-body I had a profound experience when I entered into the ocean of consciousness.  See my blog tomorrow for more of what I experienced.
  • My restlessness in search of more freedom now has a number of goals and plans and I have begun to take action.  I am determined to create freedom for my wife and I.

Politics – there is so much to say here I have to limit myself:

  • President Obama needs to be bold, we need bold leadership now. The ego-storm called the US Congress is a mess and we need the president to inspire the nation.
  • War and tax breaks for corporations and the very wealthy are breaking our country not the unions, medicare, social security, or the healthcare need of the people.
  • Deficits are only a problem for Republicans when there is a Democrat in the oval office. Bush and Reagan ran up huge debts.  This demand for a balanced budget is a clear ploy to destroy government regulations and to take away the working people’s safety net. 

This is an interesting article about using your mind as an asset by Emmet Fox   See you tomorrow with a very interesting diagram and inspiration for living in your spirit.