Finding Optimism In The Midst Of Struggle

My work week has been crazy busy with running my therapy groups and 3.5 days of training for a new computer program so all of our charts for clients will go from paper to computer files.  This training made my head spin with the amount of details and time it will take to do my record keeping for this work.  In the pursuit of data my job just got much less interesting to me.  Client time will suffer and that is why I do this work, to help people. 

There has been so much on my mind lately and a rollercoaster of emotions.  What I sense is a inner struggle between my natural tendency to be optimistic and look hopefully to the future and a sense of the struggle that seems like such a powerful force in the world these days.   Governments are being toppled as a result of the unrest.  Our government is a mess because of the huge corporate dominance of our ego driven elected officials.  The economy is going great for the wealthy but the rest of us are feeling the impact of costs, debt, low pay, needs of those we care for and instability. 

How do we keep in a positive and productive frame of mind when there seems to be such unrest and instability?  I ask that question because I feel caught in the midst of trying to sort that out.  I do have a simple plan and I want to offer that to you today.

Firstkeep the mind and heart open and positive.  If you (or I) get pulled into doubt, fear and worry, you will be getting in your own way and limiting the results you want to create.  With hope you get energy and inspiration.

Secondsit down and write out the kind of life you want to live and how that would feel.  This imagineering charged with hopeful feelings can be a very powerful force inside for creating the results you want.

Thirdset up goals toward your ideal life.  Once the goals are set turn them into affirmative statements.  An example would be: Your goal is to increase your flow of income – the affirmation could be – I now enjoy a rich flow of income and opportunities.

Fourthnow take the goals/affirmations and make a plan to realize them.  Having a plan provides motivation and direction.  Plans are fluid and change but always are set at moving your life forward.

Fifthnow move into action implementing your plans.  Action is where the rubber meets the road, where things start to happen.  Actions turn the hope for a better life into reality.  Set it up so that each day you review where you are going and take action to get there.

Each of these steps is important and the starting point is your imagining and inner focus because they unleash the forces for a better life.  Once it is clear where you want to go then you keep refining the goals, plans and actions to get there.  This takes determination, focus, and an optimistic mindset.  If you throw in passion and purpose the results will be inevitable.