5 C’s That Will ROC The World

What has inspired my lately in my writing for The Revolution Of Compassion (ROC) is the inspiration of using what I call the basic five principles that serve as guidelines to a real revolution of compassion.  Those guidelines are called the 5 C’s:  Compassion of course (open hearted understanding), Consciousness (aware and in touch with our higher nature) Connection (building and expanding relationships free of judging) Creativity (the inner flow of your genius) and Cooperation (let’s figure this out together). 

These 5 C’s will serve as checkpoints along the way for self-evaluation.  This way each of us can measure how we are doing by comparing ourselves to the 5 C’s.  

Here are some questions that would give you feedback about what you are doing and it aligns with the 5 C’s:

Compassion - Is your heart open?  Are you being kind? Are you seeking to understand and care for those you are interacting with?

Consciousness - Are you fully awake and present in what you are doing? Are you aware of what is going on emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually?  Are you expressing your higher nature?

Connection – Are you acting from the consciousness of your unity with all beings?  Are you moving towards greater acceptance of others? Are you forming healthy relationships? 

Creativity - Are you expressing your own uniqueness? Are tapping into the flow of your unique genius?  Are you creating beauty by being you?

Cooperation - Are you working together with others to make things better?  Are you finding ways to combine efforts?  Are you enjoying the inspiration of those around you?


I really like this 5 C’s as a self-examination, which will lead to self-empowerment.  I empower myself when I ask:

If my heart is part of the solution? 

If I bring awareness and insight to what I am doing?

If I am positively exploring with others our commonalities and our shared visions? 

If I am doing and flowing in creative ways?

If I am finding ways to work together even with our differences?

When my heart is guiding me; when I am raising my consciousness; when I am sharing purpose and passion; when I am expressing my unique gifts; and when I am doing all of this together with others then I am empowered and empowering of others.  This kind of power will shift the world.