10 Evident Truths For A Better World

The happenings in Congress lately around the budget issues and all the stirred up unrest around the world turned a light on in me.   There needs to be certain truths we all acknowledge as essential to our nation and the well being of the planet.  I suggest we come to a consensus about what ideas will best serve us and future generations.  Here are my 10 most evidents truths capable of showing us the way to a better tomorrow:

1.         War is not working and peace is not only possible but necessary.  Isn’t it time we grow past the idea of killing those we disagree with?  This seems like such a necessary leap to grow beyond the ego’s need for power and control toward us all working together.  Cooperation is the answer not attempting to control.

2.         Birth control is an essential choice because of the damage to the planet caused by over population.  The recent attempt in Congress to not fund Planned Parenthood is simply people laying their religious views on others, “I am right and you are not.”  There is no God who would defund Planned Parenthood nor mistreat this planet.

3.         All religious dogma and doctrine needs to be questioned. These church rules have no place in guiding our government.  They are simply beliefs invented by men with agendas. All radicals inall religions do such harm because they are blinded by their own need to be right.  Can’t we just get along and be global citizens?

4.         Cutting the budget for the Pentagon is essential.  If we keep building our weapons of mass destruction, we are destined to use them.  Can we take the hormone driven big boys away from their guns and use that money for good?

5.          This is a nation of the people not a corporate state.  All laws must be made with the people in mind not the profits of corporations.  Presently greed is the guiding principle of our government and our economy and this is to the great detriment of the people and Earth.

6.           The education and on going growth of the people of this nation is of vital importance.  Money spent on education, training, relevant research, and life long learning is a key to the longevity of humanity.  Stop making more bombs and start providing new and improved educational opportunities.

7.          Healthcare is a must for all Americans and huge profits of insurance companies and medical corporations are not.  Making money off the illness and injuries of others is a sickness called greed.  Any business run by fear is unsustainable as are all insurance companies.

8.         Unions are also a must in a world where companies, banking, investments, and profits are set up to enrich the rich on the backs of the workers.  Unions serve an important role in trying to take back the economy from greed and the hunger for power of those driven by profits.  Without unions greed wins.

9.         We are all connected to each other.  On a genetic level we are all made up of the same stuff.  The consciousness of each of us runs through all of us.  We all share this small planet together in an ever-expanding universe.  To do harm to another or the planet is to do harm to ourselves.

10.        Love and compassion is the answer to all of our problems.  The solution to every issue is for us to open our hearts, seek to understand, and then work together for solutions.  The only real challenges are closed hearts and rigid minds.  Open hearts and expansive minds are much more powerful.

When together we find a way to be guided by our consciousness, have compassion for all, and work towards cooperation, we will best utilize these guidelines for the good of all of us and the planet.