See The Movie - I AM

Last night I saw the movie I Am by Tom Shadyac.  This movie questions so much of what we feel inside needs to change.  We live in incredible times and this movie is an invitation to point our lives with purpose towards a better world.  This movie is a calling to all those who watch it that we turn towards what we know deep inside and express our higher wisdom.  If we feel like our lives lack meaning then it is time to find where this movie is playing and see it. 

Tom Shadyac who directed Ace Ventura and other comedies was at the showing and was open to questions from the audience after the movie.  He has a great sense of humor and a passion for encouraging all of us to get involved in whatever calls us.  We are all needed to save the planet and humanity from forces dominated by greed and uninterested in cooperation. 

When you see this movie come prepared to feel where you are called to do something more with your life.  Today is a good day to move towards more action.  Today is a good day to live with purpose and to act with passion.

Note: I will be back with a really interesting post on Monday about 10 Truths we need to keep in mind for the good of all humanity.  Also I will have an abbreviate posting schedule next week with posts coming on Wednesday and Friday.  This schedule may become regular as I take more time to write my book The Revolution Of Compassion.  There is so much for us all to do and I am feeling clear that I need to get this book going more quickly.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.