Can We Try Cooperation Instead Of Conflict?

Cooperation is the very best way to deal with problems.  Is there any doubt that together we can figure out solutions to any of the world’s problems?  When people join forces and combine their minds great things are bound to happen. How come on a national or global level we don’t come together and cooperate with each other to discover solutions to the important issues of our time?

The answer is we let our ego get in the way.  We want to be in control, have the power and take credit for positive results.   This dominator mindset has been directing human history for far too many years.  This is the same mindset that ran Napoleon, Alexander the Great (really not so great) the Crusades, much of the chaos in the Middle East and American foreign policy.  The basic principle is, I am right and you are wrong.”  This same mindset runs the US Congress.

How do we grow past this slow to evolve adolescent consciousness in our interaction with the each other?   How do we look at where we have been, where we are now, and where we need to go and raise our awareness enough to turn to each other and change the world?   The following questions seem important to consider:

Can we stop pointing fingers, blaming and instead turn our focus to what the issues are?

Can we drop the need to be right and instead go in search of what will work for us all?

Can we think globally and not just nationally or personally?

Can we eliminate all influences in the decision making process that are based on greed?

Can we see far enough into the future to consider the effects of what we are doing on to the generations to come?

Can we recognize and accept differences and use each person’s unique perspective to enrich our search for solutions? 

Can we bring compassion into all consideration to eliminate harm to any living beings on the planet? 

Can we put aside our arrogance and instead by guided by higher wisdom and humbleness of spirit?

Can we relax, lighten up and do what we do with peace of mind?

Can we grow beyond motivation through fear towards cooperation for mutual benefit?

Can we have as a plan to meet the needs of everyone on the planet?

Can freedom of expression be one of the outcomes we want for everyone? 

Can we come together in cooperation with a shared vision of greatness both is human possibilities and positive results?

If we cooperate, there is no limit to where we can go and the results we can create.