We All Benefit From Inspiration

My experiment to post less frequently whiled I worked on my book and traffic lasted about a week.  I love posting daily because it keeps a rich flow of inspiration flowing through me and my writings are often self-reminders.  What I understand about us human beings is that:

  • We all find reminders helpful
  • We regularly need to get back on track
  • We tend to do what is right in front of us
  • We have busy chaotic minds that need re-direction
  • We can feel panic about the responsibilities we have
  • We have powerful emotions that can be overwhelming
  • We can have the best intentions and still head off in the wrong direction
  • We can get distracted and forget what is important
  • We get tired and need the energy of focus
  • We can always use ideas that expand what we think is possible
  • We can feel hopeful when our mind is running on positive
  • We want to do well and sometimes all it takes is a spark of an idea

With these human tendencies regular inspiration does make a positive difference.  If you work intensely helping others you understand the benefits of uplifting ideas.  If your intention is to leave the world a better place change seems more possible when you are inspired. 

Inspiration is a key component for ongoing growth and the fullest realization of our own potentials.  In these days of lots going on and fears about the future there is a need for some hope, for sources that enrich our imagination and invite us to expand into higher states of being. 

My blog is about inspiration at its core.  In the next few months I am going to expand my focus on inspiration because it seems so important when things feel so uncertain.  I want to reach out and spread the light of inspiration: to everyone who is trying to make a difference; to all who try to help others;  to all those in human services; and to those active is social change. 

I feel a deep connection to all of you who have compassion for others; for people who care about people.  Together we can make a difference and our light is needed. 

Peace to you and let me know what inspires you.  Here is a great person of light, the love of the hugging saint.