Earth Day, Easter, I Am and Alfalfa’s Market

TGIF and thank goodness for life being so interesting.  Today’s post is an appreciation for such an inspirational kind of day.  I have: words of gratitude for our planet; a recommendation for a film; an afternoon adventure exploring my favorite kind of store, a new healthy food market; and a hope for more love on a high religious holiday.  What fun will you take in today?  How will you thank our planet for providing you a place to live? Could this be a day to open your heart?

First - Today is Earth Day and as far as I can tell the Earth is the greatest gift humanity as every received.  Now we can give back and make a difference.  Step outside today and take the time to appreciate the air you breath, the color of the sky, the water you drink, and this Spring day.  What are you going to do to show respect and gratitude for this gem of a planet? 

Second - I see the movie “I Am,” by Tom Shadyac is opening in a number of cities and I wanted to again enthusiastically endorse this film because it inspirationally and timely.  I got to meet Tom up close at a preview screening and he is a uplifting person who awakened to a bigger view of what is possible. 

Third - As a way to celebrate healthy foods here in Boulder a former health oriented market is brought back to life on Earth Day 2011.  This store will add to the already loaded market of Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Sunflower Market hopefully keeping good quality foods at a reasonable price.  I will be at the Alfalfa Market to check it out today.  I love preparing and tasting foods and I look forward to see what wets my creative cooking cravings.

Fourth - This is also Good Friday with Easter on Sunday.  For many people these are very important days in the Christianity.  I hope that whatever our beliefs that we have an open heart on this day because our love, compassion, caring and kindness has the capacity to bless us all.