Every Day Is Earth Day

Yesterday I wrote about Earth Day and about other things going on in the world and my town.  Today I want to bring the focus back to our planet since it seems such a precious gift that we get to live here.  If I am paying attention to the moment and I am outside, I feel the nurturing of nature and it heals and comforts me. 

Yesterday it was a warm and sunny day and last night about an hour before dusk we took our dog Pax and hiked up into the hills.  There is a forested mesa we hike to and it is almost always quiet and peaceful.  There we get to enjoy nature and watch our dog play and explore with his time off leash.   It feels so nice on a Friday to release the week of work in the beauty of what surrounds us. 

This morning the warmth of yesterday is replaced by snow falling.  It looks nice out there but too cold and wet for a bike ride yet.  The rhythms of the Earth are so unpredictable that we have to learn to flow with what is.  The Earth is a very good teacher because it is always teaching us about flow, about beauty, about nature as a healing place and so much more.

Today I want to be grateful for: the air we breathe, the water we drink, the soil that provides us food, the minerals and what is created from them, the beauty that inspires, and the amazing and wonderful variety of all my fellow inhabitants.  It seems every day is Earth Day. 

Will you join me and bring more awareness to your appreciation for our planet Earth?  We all need to be stewards of this planet because it is our home.