5 Ways To Rise Up To Your Higher Nature – Happy Easter

Isn’t it time to push the boulder of the ego-mind out of the way?  Haven’t you held yourself back long enough?  Are you ready to rise up and be self-realized?

Rising up means to move into your higher nature, which is always waiting to be realized.  

5 Simple Steps to Self-Realization

Stop believing your own thoughts, this is the ego mind at work, instead go quietly inward and discover who you are beyond those thoughts.

Find the place in you aligned with the infinite, with the creative source of the universe and spend time there each day.

Open your heart to experience your connection to all beings, live in that compassion and unity consciousness.

Each day sit in silence, walk quietly or do other inner practices so that you can be guided to your highest expression.

Reach out and serve others, make a difference, live with purpose and spread joy and love.

And let it be.