Walking Mindfully Will Bring Greater Emotional Well-Being

After I posted yesterday’s blog I went for a long walk up into the hills.  I needed the walk because something was stirred up inside and I wasn’t sure what it was.   A friend from the past had written me and asked for money because she wasn’t doing well.  I felt for her and wished I had extra at this time to give.  Something deeper however was stirred up in me and on my walk I received greater clarity.  These economic times we live in have stirred much fear in many, myself included.   I have been trying to push back the fear by keeping a positive point of view and trusting in things working out.  Being positive and trusting is an excellent frame of mind in difficult times.  However trying to push away or contain emotions does not work. 

Imagine a spring of emotions trying to come to the surface and sitting on a lid trying to contain those emotions.  This containment would take a lot of energy especially as the unexpressed emotions grew.  Eventually the lid would blast off and send me to the moon.  That is the power of emotions and why they need to be acknowledged and accepted.  If emotions are not explored they cause great unrest inside; if they are expressed or at least explored they dissipate. 

On my way back down the trail I felt lighter and freed up because I had spent time exploring what was going on both in my thoughts and with my emotions.  The relaxed walk back towards home also filled me with energy for the day and some really interesting ideas.  I already started in my mind an e-book about walking to awaken, to be more aware, and for our well-being.  My walking meditation practice has enriched my life in so many ways.

It is clear to me that I need more time to get all the amazing ideas that have been flowing through me lately down on paper or more exactly into files so this information can be made available.  Now my task is to create the freedom of time and financially so I can do what I need to do to make more writing happen.

Hope your day goes well and you have some time to walk mindfully.