30 Ways To Boost Your Self-Esteem – Part One

Last night at the Boulder Bookstore Dan Millman spoke.  His book the Way of the Peaceful Warrior is one of my favorite personal growth novels.  He has a new book called The Four Purposes Of Life that I look forward to reading.  I got to shake his hand and appreciate the wisdom he has acquired over his many years of writing and leading seminars about realizing our highest expression as a human being.

Yesterday in my group at work I brought up the topic of building a positive self-esteem and we came up with a wonderful collection of ideas that I wanted to share with you today.  We can all use a boost to our sense of self so here is what we came up with including some additional comments:

30 Ways To Boost Your Self-Esteem:

  1.          Positive Thinking and Self-talk – if you want to feel positive about yourself one of the most effective ways to do that is to make your inner dialogue positive, supportive and encouraging.  Negative thinking brings you down.  Enter each day with a positive expectation.
  2.          Nutrition - Take care of your health by eating right, good nutrition has a powerful influence on your energy, clarity of mind, and emotional balance.  Lots of sugar is an emotional rollercoaster.        
  3.          Rest Is Important – most people don’t get enough rest and sleep.  A power nap a day will do much for your well-being and enhance your health.
  4.          Be Gentle With Yourself – too often you may be hard on yourself and that doesn’t feel good.  Instead be kind to yourself and appreciate who you are.
  5.          Keep On Growing – if you keep growing you will feel good about yourself and your life.  More awareness equals more ok-ness with self.  If you learn something new each day your life will never be boring.
  6.          Have Healthy Boundaries – respect yourself enough to set limits, to say no to what isn’t right for you, and say yes to what is healthy for you.  Spend time with people who lift you up.
  7.          Play And Have Fun – life is way to short to be too serious about it.  Let the child in you show you how to play and enjoy the simple things in life.  Make it one of your daily goals to have fun.
  8.          Expand Your Wisdom and Consciousness – build a healthy relationship with your higher nature, see to awaken, go in search of new insights to expand you as a human being.  Tap into the collective consciousness and be amazed.
  9.          Be Humble – humility is a wonderful quality because the ego is not in charge.  As a humble person you are always open to learning and never stuck on the need to be right and in control.
  10.          Live With Purpose - having a job you like makes you feel positive.  Work that feels meaningful makes you feel even better.  A purposeful life is very satisfying and uplifting.
  11.          Honesty – being honest with self is a great foundation for life.  If you are inwardly honest you can be honest with others.   If you live dishonestly you will not be comfortable in your own skin.
  12.          Keep Ego In Check – the ego wants to take over your life and keep you focused on the past or the future.  A contained ego leaves you open to getting the most out of your life every day.
  13.          Appreciate Your Accomplishments – even the smallest of successes are worth honoring.  The more you do what you say you will do, the more you keep your word with self and others, the better you will feel about yourself.
  14.          Sober Works – if you have problems with alcohol or drugs it won’t work for you to use them.  Find other ways to explore life and deal with the challenges that you may face.
  15.          Build A Positive Support Network – spend your time with people who are positive, supportive, fun, encouraging and relaxed.  If you hang with good people, you expand your goodness.

I will bring you Part Two tomorrow.  Let me know which ideas will be helpful for you.