30 Ways To Boost Your Self-Esteem – Part Two

I hope you found the first fifteen self-esteem booster helpful.  Here are more to explore:

1.         Learn To Trust – trusting yourself is the place to start.  You have an intuitive knowing you can always trust.  As you trust yourself you can learn to trust others.  Trust sets you free to relax into life.

2.         Be Grateful – there is so much to be grateful for and when you take the time to notice all the positive things in your life you feel better about who you are.  Each day, each breath is a gift to appreciate.

3.         Be Self-Reliant – the more you take care of yourself, the more you make things happen the way you want them to, the more you take charge of all aspects of life, the more positive you feel about you.

4.         Accept Yourself – Each day accept yourself as fully as you can.  Yes you have room to improve but improvement comes best when you start with self-acceptance.  You are an amazing being with unlimited possibilities and potential.

5.         Have Self-Discipline – when you set your own course and do what it takes by following through with your commitments, you learn that you can do anything you focus on with a clear mind and an open heart.

6.         Create Healthy Relationships – those you spent time with shape your sense of self.  Make sure you have positive and supportive relationships with the people that matter to you.  This means having an open heart, listening with compassion, and accepting them just as they are.

7.          Forgiveness – feeling ok about yourself means letting go of the past, forgiving yourself for all the things you have done as an imperfect human being.  Forgiving others is also essential because resentments drain away your life force and block your heart.

8.         Take Responsibility – drop the blame and complain game and instead find out what part you can play in the experiences of your life.  You are truly the only person responsible for the life you create.

9.         Live In The Now – the past is not you and the future is not who you will become.  You only exist in the present moment.  In the now you can be anything you want to be.

10.         Be Happy – yes don’t worry plays an important part of the happiness formula.  Happiness is an inside game that starts with how you talk to yourself and how open your heart is.  Happiness can only happen in the present.

11.         Acknowledge Your Feelings – all your feelings are ok and if you allow yourself to feel what you feel and just watch they just keep changing.  Thoughts create feelings and accepting your feelings creates a positive sense of self.

12.          Pay Attention – in the silence within you is an infinite wisdom source that is always trying to show you the way to a more satisfying life.  You can be so much wiser by listening to your heart, your gut, your body messages and your spirit.

13.          Stand Tall – when you live according to your values and what you believe in then you act with self-belief.  This courageous way of living is centered in you wise mind and expansive heart.

14.          Seek To Create – you were born with a creative genius to fully express all of that is possible within you.  That genius needs to be explored and expressed to feel good about who you are.   Have fun in the creation of your life.

15.         Express Love – the best for last.  You have a heart that has an endless capacity to love, to be compassionate, to care and to be kind.  You could love every being on the planet and still have more love to give.  Make spreading love your purpose and you will find peace with self.

Now my promise to you is that if you take the time to explore these ideas, you will feel better about yourself, be more confident, and experience a great deal of success in life.