Questions Are Needed and Cooperation Is Essential

It is time to ask some questions again because there is much that is going on that needs to be questioned.  Now that your self-esteem has taken a boost(see last two posts) are you ready to take on the major oil companies as there profits soar and we go broke at the gas pump?  This situation is definitely about profits vs. the working people.  Is it ok with you that corporate greed is costing us so much because the gas prices are raising costs of food and so much more?  Should greed be allowed to be the dominating force of this nation?  A world based on compassion seems such a better way.

The money going into the war machine in this nation is robbing from us and future generations.  How come we keep getting into more wars when the majority of Americans don’t support these wars?  What will it take for us to grow up enough to not have to kill people to show them who is in charge?  All wars are about ego, so what ego issues keep getting us into these messes?  Peace and cooperation are the answers, not more spending to build more killing machines.

Our president has been a big disappointment in many ways.  Do you see any real change?  Isn’t it more of the same stuff of corporate dominance, war and more war, money dictating policy, the bashing of unions who represent the people much more than the politicians, and supreme court again siding with the corporations instead of the people, bank fees always climbing, and so much more of the same old stuff that doesn’t work?  Are ego-based economies sustainable?  Is greed, power and control sustainable?   Can a president ever be free enough to do what is right?  It seems the influence of money needs to be removed from elections and government.

These themes are familiar and each of us has to look in the mirror and ask ourselves are we ready yet to find ways to cooperate with each other so we can find solutions?  Or are we determined to keep our point of view and judge those who think differently?  Isn’t it time we went looking to find common ground with open minds and compassionate hearts?  Without open minds aren’t we closed to many possibilities?  Without compassionate hearts don’t we loose touch with our humanity?  We are capable of so much more caring, kindness and love.

Two more questionsWhat will it take for us to bring about positive changes for all the people and the planet?  What can you do today to help make that happen? 

Is there any doubt that we humans together can be positive forces for real and meaningful change?