The Source Of All Creation

It has been awhile since I talked about the journeying I am doing through my out-of-body experiences (OBE).  This form of inner practice continues to enrich my life in so many ways.  Today I dissolved myself into oneness in the ocean of consciousness and went in search of the Source of the universe I had a very interesting and expansive experience.

I entered into a conversation with the Source who is called by many names in spiritual and religious traditions.  This Source has no preferences as to what to be called or what we believe.  The following is what I have been told:

There is a Source for this universe that is not a person but a consciousness that is aware of all things. 

All things natural come from this Source as an evolutionary process. 

Source experiences the evolution, which is not regulated but allowed to freely express itself. 

Source is not connected to any belief system but simply watches the evolution of thought of all living beings. 

Source is not separate but one with all things. 

Access to communicating with Source is through inner contact, which involves listening deeply. 

All creation, all love, all higher consciousness, all inspiration, all peace, all hope, all joy begins at this Source.

Love is the highest human expression and Source has infinite and unconditional love for all.

There is free choice in all-evolving life.  At the human level this freedom of choice is the most advanced.

We are not an experiment but rather an expanding process that began at Source.  This expansion is always expanding.  If we go inward we can feel the invitation to expand consciously.

Higher consciousness is aligning with Source and there are many practices developed by humans and inspired by Source to expand consciousness.

All beings are encouraged to evolve towards higher levels of expression.

The human destruction of each other and the planet is not inspired by the Source but a product of freedom of choice that is not tuned into higher consciousness.

There are many human systems that are not sustainable and Source is always sending inspiration to help those who are open to higher guidance and want to help change things for the better.  Freedom of choice is never limited.

Source is always available to each person at the level they are open to receive.  An open heart and open mind is essential to have a meaningful connection to Source.

When asked about other living beings in the Universe, Source did not want to answer at this time.

There is more to come is what I am being told as I write this and the information above comes from Source not from me the writer.