The Four Essential Flows Of Life

Yesterday the warm Spring here in Boulder went haywire and my morning run included corn snow bouncing off my hat.  I am glad my tomato planets remain safely in their paper cups inside.  Nature is in itself a powerful and influential flow for all who live on this planet.  Today I want to write about the four essential flows on a personal level.

The Four Personal Flows Of Life:

One is the flow of consciousness – each of us at a very essential level feels the strong call to be a more conscious human being.  Consciousness most often comes from being aware, from exploring things deeply, from spending time in silence, and from devotional practices.  There are many specific practices found across all cultures that can raise our consciousness.  When we expand our consciousness, we feel in unity with all things and a deep sense of peace within.

Second is the flow of love – we were born to love, to have compassion for others and ourselves, to be kind, and to care for those who show up in our lives.  Love is an open heart expressing its infinite nature.  When we love we feel most alive and our heart sings with joy.  Love has an immense power to heal most of the world’s problems.

Third is the flow of health and well-being – everyone wants to be healthy.  Health and well-being includes: a peaceful mind, a giving heart, a strong and healthy body and clear link to our spiritual nature.  Each of us has a deeply innate capacity to heal.  Healing takes place within by opening to the life force that flows through each of us.

Fourth is the flow of abundance – abundance in this case means energy in its many forms which includes; life force, breath, money, creativity, purpose, thoughts and feelings.  Yes the amount of flow of each of these reflect how much flow we are open to giving and receiving.  Abundant flow comes from us being open in our mind, heart, and body and from our connection to the Source Energy of the universe.

Each of these four flows are powerful desires in all human beings. They are closely related to each other and the development of one flow often enhances the other three flows.  Hope is an example of these flows wanting to be expressed.  Many people however have wandered far away from these flows through denial, through limiting beliefs, through early conditioning, or even through a distorted pursuit of any one of them.   The pursuit of money driven by greed is an example of a flow gone way off course.  Exploring alternative health practices is often an example of the desire of flow expressing itself in us.

Flow is about openness, about receptivity, about effortless effort, about expansive thoughts, about readiness to receive and about taking the responsibility to managing the flows consciously.

In the future I will write more about how to open to these flows in ways that will create results and enrich life in many ways.