The Effortlessness Of Flow

After I posted my blog in the morning yesterday I went for a walk in the rain because it was raining too hard to ride my bike. On my way back down my uphill hike I noticed the flow of the rain on the street.  Of course the water flowed easily and effortlessly down hill.  This is also true for the flows of consciousness, love, health and abundance.

The flow of consciousness is not an uphill battle but more of a turning inward.  Yes the journey on the meditation cushion or other insightful paths can be bumpy at times.  Yet the way of consciousness is mostly quiet, inward, reflective and peaceful.   Consciousness is an upward flow towards the full realization of both our highest nature and the unity we have with of all beings. 

The flow of love is more an opening to our natural state.  Love is not the drama we get ourselves into with a partner.  Love is the connecting of hearts and going beyond the focus of self.  Falling in love is easy with an open heart.  Staying in love is easy too if we focus on acceptance and appreciation and avoid expectations and the need to be in control.  Love is effortless flow.

The flow of health is about keeping the body, mind, heart and spirit open to being fully expressed.  Disease is caused by being ill at ease, tight, closed down, and in denial of what is true inside.  If our life forces flow freely through us we will be healthy in every way.  Like the downward flowing stream health naturally flows within us.  We are much more like a stream then a statue.

The flow of abundance is fun, alive, energizing, and expansive.  In this flow things, situations, and experiences are richly drawn to us with wonderful results.  It is as if the universe has opened a spillway of positive possibilities because we are willing to receive.  Abundance also means lots for giving which feels great and opens the flow even more.   

TGIF to you and hope the flow of the weekend is renewing and revitalizing.