Why Do People Believe The Nonsense Of Others?

There have been lots of things going on in the world of politics, religion and media lately that seem worth commenting on.  I don’t understand how people believe the nonsense that other people put out on the airways.  Are we addicted to fear, to having highly charged opinions, to being right, or did we forget that our ego’s should come with a warning label?

Here is a list of key indicators that say “Trust what is being said here at your own risk.

  • They tend to say things that draw attention to themselves
  • They make outrageous comments that you know and feel are not right
  • They seem driven by ego
  • They lack compassion for the suffering of others
  • They profess religion but are full of judgments towards others and lack any kindness
  • They spread fear as a basic way of viewing the world
  • They hate being held accountable
  • They are run by greed and seek more power
  • They hate regulations (therefore government) because they want to do whatever they want
  • They want to eliminate all programs that help the less fortunate
  • They are often angry
  • They have a need to be right and stomp on people who disagree
  • They place critical labels on all who think differently
  • They are often racists but hide it by being indirect
  • They often live in direct conflict with the values they proclaim are most important
  • They are often extreme in their viewpoints and expect everyone else to believe and think as they do
  • They are arrogant but don’t see it in themselves
  • They have opinions about everything and are closed to other ideas

If we are honest with ourselves, we can see some of these qualities at times in us.  We are imperfect but we do have the awareness to grow and be more conscious and compassionate human beings.  Those who are dangerous to trust are people who lack self-awareness or have no desire to grow and be a more fully realized human being. 

The following are some examples of people that should come with a big, bright and flashing warning sign that’s says “DANGER: Interacting with this person may cause your mind to shrink, your self-esteem to be damaged, and your heart to go away.”     

First if you haven’t heard, the world is coming to an end next Saturday the 21st of May.  This is according to a religious fanatic named Harold Camping.  This guy has no idea what he is talking about and people actually believe him.   One person dropped out of medical school because of the prediction.  Thank God that person won’t be a doctor.

Another brilliant idea was presented by Ron Paul.  He is a GOP/Tea Party presidential candidate, who says we should eliminate FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) because people should have to get themselves out of the messes they create.  There must not be a connection between his heart and his head. 

The CEO of Exxon Rex Tillerson was wining about people criticizing big oil.  “Why are people beating up on us when we are just doing our job?  Actually Mr. Tillerson people are really not ok with the $4Billion in subsides we taxpayers are paying oil companies.  Mr.Tillerson, you are robbing us at the pumps and we are paying you to do so.  With his almost 6 million is wages and bonuses this year it is hard to feel sorry for him being held accountable.

One of the many fear mongers out there is an extremist named Alex Jones.  Mr. Jones is spreading an endless steam of misinformation that is so absurd that he must never have even a moment’s worth of peace of mind.  This lack of peace of mind would be his reward for spreading fear and hate.  I am sure too many people listen to him and are unable to sleep at night.  Fear and hate are the workings of the ego mind in search of control over others. 

If we find ourselves spending most of our time thinking about what is wrong, blaming and complaining, and living in fear then it is time to immediately come to a stop.  Then we need to make a commitment to reprogram our own thinking or we will never find peace of mind and any real happiness or freedom.