Don’t Ever Go Home

In the book I have been reading lately (Going Home by Reshad Feild) is a phrase and explanation that says, “Don’t ever go home’ reminds us that sooner or later, if we really want to understand the purpose of life, we need to give up our reactive patterns which have motivated our lives up until now. Only then can we move on.”

What reactive patterns do you need to give up?  What old ways need to change?  Where is the past keeping you from being fully present?  What familiar ways are congesting forward movement?

Insight and awareness grow outside the familiar, away from home, out into the unknown and yet unexplored.  Change is only possible when there is added awareness otherwise you get the same old results.  

                                    AWARENESS = CHOICE = CHANGE

How do you mix things up when you now you need to?

Here are 10 ways to not fall back into the familiar:

  1. Take up an inner practice like mindfulness then every thing you do mindfully will be unique every time you do it.
  2. Sit in meditation daily and watch it influence the expanded way you see the world.
  3. Emphasize what makes your life feel purposeful.
  4. Change jobs if it is time to move one.
  5. Explore a relationship that you sense will enhance your life.
  6. Expand your circle of friends and seek feedback from those around you.
  7. Follow your creative urges because they are trying to show you new ways of expression.
  8. Listen to the guidance of your intuition and act accordingly.
  9. Take a trip and explore new cultures.
  10. Improve your view of yourself and focus on your unique way of seeing the world, what you do well, and what you appreciate about yourself.

Now leave the home of the familiar, your comfort zone and make things happen from a fresh perspective.  If you get stuck, remember these steps because they can be very helpful for moving energy and opening possibilities.

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