Enhancing The Quality Of Your Life

At work there is a competition for weight loss, we have teams that all weighed together and the team that looses the highest percentage of weight wins.  We are now two weeks into the 10 weeks and I have been reading a lot about weight loss and exploring different ideas.  My goal is between 10-15 lbs because the Winter holidays seem like they add pounds every year and I am about two or three years behind. 

In my readings about weight loss what I rediscovered was how much I love to read about food, healthy eating, nutrition, and fitness.  I always enjoy learning new ideas about health and well-being at all levels.  How about you, do you read and explore ideas to enhance your health, to expand your well-being in mind, in body, emotionally and spiritually?

You and I live in an age where all the info we need is sitting right in front of us on the Web waiting to be explored.  There are also endless books on diet, healthy living, fitness, and well-being on every level.  If you were to explore some health topics of interest to you what would they be?  Where does your interests lie?  Are you interested in maximizing the health of your body?  How about the health of your mind?  Do you feel the desire to have more emotional well-being?  Is your spiritual side wanting to be more explored?

Go to your favorite search site and started typing in your areas of interest.  Soon you will have resources to explore and the more you explore the more knowing you will have to enrich the quality of your life.  Knowledge is very valuable in moving towards a healthier lifestyle.  The more informed you are the better decisions you make and the better you feel.  Why not feel the best you can, have the most energy, feel the most alive and live the most inspired life?

Listen inward, what are you guided to explore, what interests get you excited about knowing more, what topics make you feel energized?  If you listening deeply enough, you will always be guided to what you need, what will be best to explore, what will make your life feel purposeful and fulfilling.  A richer life is waiting for you right now.