How Do We Open To The Light?

What if you are Divine but don’t realize it?

What if you are made of the same Light as God?

What if you can bring about miracles if you decided to?

What if your self is the same as the Self of All Creation?

What if the only thing holding you back from being unlimited is you?

What if you are a saint in waiting?

What if you can discover Your Divine Nature in this moment?

These kinds of questions have been coming up for me as I have been reading Ram Dass’s book Be Love Now.  As I sit with them I am aware of a deep message inside of me that keeps calling me to my true higher nature.  I wonder if I have been the one in my way?  I wonder how I am still holding myself back now from the full realization of who I am? 

My inner voice is calling me to go even more deeply into the silence.  I crave the time to explore without other distractions.  I want to walk in silence, sit in silence, explore out of my body and do everything else I can to be fully realized in this life. 

The stuff, drama and obligations of life feel like barriers.  How can I use them to awaken?  What about my life today is just how it needs to be to fully awaken?  How can I be open to the grace of blessed discovery?  How can my heart be as spacious as the Divine Mother? 

What is spirituality other than our journey to the full realization of the Great Spirit in us?