The Danger Of Believing The “I”

We live in a world of opinions, egos, big personalities, sports, movie stars etc. and they clog our airways and keep our media distracted.  This empty noise is the chaos caused by the “I.”  The “I” is so sure it has to be heard, so sure it’s important, and so sure it is who we are. This belief in our self-importance is incorrect because it is based on the needs of the ego-mind.  We are not our thoughts or personality or who our “I” thinks we are.

The “I”:

  • Thinks it is right
  • Has an opinion about everything
  • Wants to be seen
  • Obsesses over the need for approval of others
    Seeks more power and control
  • Craves attention
  • Is sure its important
  • Believes its own thoughts
  • Gets caught up in its own drama
  • Can’t separate from its story
  • Is often lost in blaming and complaining
  • Experiences fear because of deep self-doubt
  • Lacks flexibility and openness
  • Is most afraid of its own feelings
  • Assesses compassion as a sign of weakness
  • Believes it own beliefs

This is just to name a few of the confusions of life when the “I” is in charge.  We are all heavily programmed to believe the our sense of self is real and the media feeds the frenzy of the importance of the “I.”  Now days the news is mostly about personalities and opinion instead of what is really going on.

Once we see and understand that the “I” in us is a cause of great distress; that it keeps us anxious and uneasy; that it is never satisfied, then we are aware of why we can never feel at peace.  The “I” is never about peace and hope because those can only happen in the now.  In our “I” world we live in fear and worry of tomorrow and regret and longing for the past.   The “I” is an inner force that needs to be redirected towards a more healthy view of self and the world.

What can we do when most of us have the dis-ease of too much “I-ness?”

10 Anti-Self-Importance Strategies:

  1. Step back and question what is going on between your ears
  2. Find the path inside back to your guiding heart and follow it
  3. Stop fighting to be right, let go of your thoughts of importance
  4. Make it you goal to have fun, be free and love and laugh often
  5. Humbly accept you purpose and be passionate about life
  6. Feel everything you feel and question everything you think
  7. Go inward and listen deeply for the wisdom of your higher knowing
  8. Seek to be more aware and to raise your consciousness
  9. Appreciate the beauty and diversity of all of life
  10. Make it you daily goal to spread love, peace and joy