Steps To Follow For Creating the Life You Want

I am reading this very nice little book (Getting What You Want. . . To Want You by Dov Baren) that has me inspired.  The book is only 47 pages, easy to stick into your pocket, and so worth your time to read.  I wanted to share in my own words the key practice of this book so you can be inspired to read more about it.

Here is the four-step practice for making what you want to happen:

Find You Clarity – Clarity is a powerful force and the more the clarity the better the results.  Your mind is built for focusing and if you know exactly what you want to make happen, you will.

Visualize – If you can see it, feel it, sense it, smell it, taste it, touch it, and hear it, you can make it happen.  Create an experience that is so real, you can touch it.  See every detail, let it become part of you and feel the joy of bringing it into your life. Let the emotions fuel what you want to make happen.

Stretch Higher, Take It Deeper – Once you clearly see what results you want to create, turn inward and explore the feelings of deserving or being enough to have what you want.  Affirm your deserving until every cell sings in harmonious agreement.  See this wanted expression as you expressing your highest nature.

Trust – Take actions and have trust in what you are guided to do and how you do these actions.  Keep your intention on super concentrated with all thoughts, feelings and actions aligned.  If you are open and clear all that you need and want will be placed in front of you.

Once you take these steps please take the time to celebrate each success along the way.  Even the small joys of success build the energy for more powerful results.  You can make anything you want happen but you have to get clear, see and feel it, go deep within, and know it will all work out with the right actions.