Advise From The Higher Realms

If you haven’t taken the time to watch the video in the previous post, please do so because I think you will find it very helpful in upgrading your life in a number of ways.  Of course you would have to want this upgrade and feel ready and open to expanding your life.  I question if you want to expand because the biggest barriers to being more fully your highest expression would be you.  This is why the Napoleon Hill video can be very helpful; it invites the guidance of higher knowing into our lives in a unique way.

The idea of a counsel of people (from the video) guiding me got me excited because I know I can always use higher wisdom in whatever form it takes.  My counsel of advisors include: Abraham Lincoln (a wise leader), Martin Luther King (an inspired leader of social change), Gandhi (for his determination and integrity), the consciousness of the Divine Mother (She has manifested in many forms and is a great source of the consciousness of compassion), the consciousness of Infinite Supply (opening to the abundance flow of the universe), Buddha (the great teacher of enlightenment), the consciousness of health and well-being (so that I may heal and spread healing in whatever I do) Hilda Charlton (a modern mystic who had a great joy for life) Rumi (the Great Sufi poet and mystic) and Great Spirit (the Native American version of the Source of all creation).  I will add others as I explore this counsel and am guided to higher expression.

In my OBE today I was guided by the consciousness of Infinite Supply that I would be assisted and this consciousness gave me a practice that would assist me when I get stuck in the lower vibrations of ego-mind and the dramas of life. 

Here is the simple practice:

Find a comfortable place where there are little or no distractions and do 10 deep breaths breathing in through the third-eye chakra.  This focus will slow you down and alter you state so that you are more open to guidance. 

If you want to find this poster here is the website.

The shifting I have sensed recently seems to be excellerating and I suspect some significant changes are happening now both inside and across consciousness.  As I write this I can sense the inspiration of my counsel and in particular Hilda Charlton who was an amazing human being that light up the room with her direct contact with the Divine. 


Hilda Charlton