30 Ways To Raise Your Vibrations

In the consciousness expanding book I have been reading, The Twelfth Insight by James Redfield, there is a strong message about keeping our energy up, our vibrations high to access our inner resources.   This emphasis rings very true in my experience of my own life and the many people I have assisted in their journey towards their mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. 

When we are in fear, worry, anger, or blame the world feels overwhelming.  These states lower our capacity to deal with what is going on. 

When we are vibrating at a state of higher consciousness, of love, of joy and other expansive thoughts and feelings we are much more resourceful.

In higher state we have access to our intuition, to being aware, to synchronicity, gut instincts, wisdom from the heart and guidance from our spirit.

30 Ways to raise your vibrations:

  1. The breathing through the third eye chakra practice shared in yesterday’s post
  2. Tapping also called the Emotional Freedom Technique (see demos on You Tube)
  3. Exercise moves energy especially resistance and aerobic training and stretching
  4. Get up and move, go for a walk, get some fresh air
  5. Inspirational music or ideas can really lift you up
  6. Listen to podcasts and watch videos for inspiration (Sounds True is an amazing resource, see ad)
  7. Eat or drink something energizing, lots of water is excellent
  8. Go out into nature for a walk or sit by a stream or ocean and relax
  9. Do a mindful activity like: being conscious of your body expanding and relaxing with your breath
  10. Take a 15-20 minute nap
  11. Do an affirmation or mantra.  Affirmations:  I totally love and accept myself; in an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way.  Mantras like Ram, Ram, Ram; Om; or I Am
  12. Go do something fun or playful
  13. Spend time in quiet contemplation
  14. Turn on your favorite songs and sing
  15. Be more alive in the moment by acknowledging all you feel
  16. Set a short-term goal for the next 2 hours, commit to it and then celebrate the success
  17. Move from blame to exploring personal responsibility
  18. Brainstorm when you get stuck with no censoring (this can be funny)
  19. Do a walking meditation: breathing in peace and breathing our a smile
  20. Explore your potential by trying new things
  21. Do something creative like writing, drawing, collage etc
  22. Act on your intuitions and gut instincts
  23. Listen with compassion to someone in need
  24. Pick an important value and live by it for that day
  25. Close your eyes and imagine something you want to experience
  26. Go to an art museum and be inspired
  27. Call a friend you know who could use support
  28. Feel the fear inside and do it anyway
  29. Read Rumi’s writings and image the mystic in you is activated
  30. Talk to your higher nature, your spirit

How do you raise your vibrations?