Cell Phone Users Beware

Yesterday I wrote about raising positive vibrations and today I am sharing with you some vibrations that are very dangerous.  I came upon this information while skimming over the CNN website for my daily dose of news; it is about a health hazard that I have suspected for a long time.  According to an extensive study by the World Health Organization (WHO) cell phones use can increase possible cancer risk.  This very significant report by the WHO included 31 scientists from 14 countries. 

My writing is not usually about health hazards but this report even though worded carefully leaves very little doubt that using cell phones can be very dangerous to our health and even more dangerous to the health of children.   This has been known for quite some time but the studies seem to not get much coverage.  This study is not going to go away. 

Would it be wise to ignore this information?  No it isn’t but cell phones have become an important part of most people’s lives.  Those that use cell phones for long periods of time report the side of their heads get very warm.  This obviously cannot be healthy in any way.  Cell phone companies are going to minimize this report but we should not.

Yes there are many things out there not healthy for us so we have to make decisions every day like: organic or not; spring water or tap water; hybrid or gas guzzling; ride bike to work or drive; exercise or watching a sports event; cook healthy at home or fast foods; an apple or a piece of cake and on and on. 

All decisions about what you choose are ok.  If we are going to choose healthy we will most likely feel better and in turn that will make us feel even better.  If we choose not so healthy, at least try to feel ok about the choices we make.  If we feel bad about the choices we make that multiplies the negative effects. 

About cell phones, talk less, text more, use hands free devices, don’t carry them around on your hip or in your pocket, and meet people in person as much as possible for all your significant conversations.  Here is an article you will find helpful if you are interested in cell phone safety.

It is also important to remember that our worry, anger and our fear may be more carcinogenic than any devises.  Keep a cool head, let go of pent up emotions, and use your cell phone only when needed.