Change Is In The Air

It was a warm and windy day.  As I sit down to write this post it is cooling off and a wonderful scent of freshly bloomed lilacs is blowing in through my open window.  The sun is disappearing behind the mountains and I sit her knowing I am stalling hoping for clear guidance.  My home is a rental and the lease comes up shortly and my wife and I feel ready to move on and alter the course of our lives.


The guidance I seek is: What next? Where should we go to live?  How will we make it financially? How do we get past the fear?  Can we trust in things working out if we do what we need to do?  I do hear the ocean calling.  The more questions, the more self-doubt creeps in but to not question leads my wife and I down a blind alley of the unconsidered.

Trust is a word that comes up lately because I feel sure trust is needed to be the inspired author of the changes we need to make.  Trust in myself, trust in the guidance that comes our way, and trust in the universe.  To live in trust means a belief in the innate wisdom within and in the greater forces that hold the universe together.  There are no forces of evil, no forces of destruction, no forces of punishment or judgment except between our ears.  The opinion of others does not matter unless we value them.  What matters only is the wisdom inside and the dance with the flow of the universe. 

As I write this I know the truth speaks through these words and I also know self-doubt will pop up at very inconvenient times and send shivers through me.  I can fight these low moments off but to do so I have to step with confidence into the moment and see what I am made of, what will blossom in me like the late lilacs outside. 

Listen to the call, the whisper, the longing, the knowing, the desire, and move with strength forward into the unknown because that is where the edge of living fully calls us.