Inspiration From The Bowl Of Light

After I wrote The Bowl Of Light post late the night before I thought this idea of a bowl of light was so inspirational that I wondered what would it take for you and I to truly empty the bowl and how would our lives be different?  I want my bowl to be the light it was intended to be.  I sure could use that light in my life every day.  How about you?

First - how do we actually dump out bowl so it can return to its original nature?

Let’s start with the idea that each of us is carrying a bundle of past around with us and we need to let it go.  The best way to let the past go is to not dwell on it, forgive what needs to be forgiven, and then move on.  Set the luggage of the past down and lighten up.

Another thing we need to do is to move past any inner words that hold us back or put us down.  These words come in the form of limiting ideas and beliefs about us that are simply not true.  False ideas like we are not good enough or deserving, or smart enough or too much this or that.  Quiet the mind and help it be a friend.

Lastly it is time to mature past the ego dominance of our mind and emotions that has for centuries been the limiting consciousness of humankind.  We must give up the need to have power and control over others.  This control need has kept us small in our thinking and closed down in our heart.  Focus the ego instead on being a positive force.

Second - how much richer would our lives be if our bowls of light guided us to our highest expression?

With our bowl of light fully functioning we would be inspired to create a very uplifting and rewarding life.  This light would lift us up, keep us on track and help stretch us into being more fully what is possible within us.  Each day this light would guide all that we do.

With our bowl of light operating at full force we could experience the endless power of our heart.  An open and expressive heart is a blessing to the world.  Love, compassion and kindness would shape all we do and guide us to be a powerful and positive source of light in the world.  With light we can inspire, heal and help others find their own light.

With our bowl of light shining in our lives we could get in touch with our higher nature, be one with the spirit that guides us on a deeper and more conscious level.  We could live in reverence of each moment of each day.  We could humbly realize and express the Divine within us.

Let your Bowl Of Light shine today!