The Bowl Of Light

As often happens over at Sounds True, I heard another really interesting free podcast. (you can go through the ad to the right and look for Insights At The Edge.)  This amazing interview was with Shamanistic practitioner and Anthropologist Hank Wesselman.  He shares the wisdom he received from a great Kahuna (shaman, healer, teacher) in Hawaii named Hale Makua.  This interview contained was a very powerful image/metaphor that I want to share with you today.

The image is that of a bowl of light.  He spoke of the Kahuna tradition with great reference as he shared the image of people being given a bowl of light when they came into the world.  This bowl of light is given to each of us when we are born and it is to accompany us through life. 

Image a bowl illuminated with light, a light full of life force, a bowl full of possibilities.  This bowl provides us with the energy, mind-power, heart wisdom and inspiration we need to fully express ourselves.


As we go through life however things are put into our bowl like the judging and criticism of others, the messages of not being enough, the disappointments, the trauma’s of life and so much more.  Soon the bowl is to full of the past that very little light is able to shine on our life.  Have your past experiences dimmed the light in your bowl?

When the Kahuna was asked how we can clear out our bowl of light he suggest we turn it over and start again, this time keeping the bowl free to express all of its light.  The simplicity of this is so clear and wonderful.  Are you ready to turn your bowl over and let it shine brightly again?  Are you willing to keep it open by not letting the stuff of life shut down the light again?

OK turn it over . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Checkout Hank Wesselman’s new book, The Bowl Of Light about the teachings of this wise Kahuna over at Sounds True.