In Oneness With The Source

Let’s go on an inner journey today so that you might have an experience of what it is like to be the Source of all creation.  This journey will offer you insight into what is possible within you and all beings because of our divine nature.


That as you breathe in the force of life that flows through you, all the universe breathes with you

That in the moment you are aware of all living things at once and you can know each as it is

That the Earth is one of the beautiful gems of your creation and its inhabitant represent possibly the greatest variety of life forms in the Universe

That you love for all beings is infinite and eternal and fills all living things with your grace

That all forms of consciousness from single cells to the complexity of human consciousness is always in your awareness and you are in oneness with each living being and the knowing of all life forms through an ever expanding universe

That you have observed since the beginning of time the evolution of the Universe and all life like watching a never ending film about the beauty of nature

That you feel the entire range of all human emotions so you get to share in each person’s journey

That you can hear all human thoughts and can send inspiration to each person if they listen inward

That you can sense the souls of all living things working through their life lessons in search of oneness with you

That you can fully appreciate each day all the beauty you have created since the beginning of time

That you get to experience each life as part of you as it unfolds in exploration of it particular expression and purpose

That you know the love, joy and peace of always living in the moment

That when you are silent, the vast silence of the Universe is soothing and uplifting to you

That you can send energy, light, insight, joy, love, peace and whatever inspiration you want to any being requesting your assistance

That right now the collective knowing of all forms of life bring inspiration to you

That you are receptive and accepting of all expressions of life as they are and feel no need to judge

That what you want for all life is total and complete freedom of expression and you get to rejoice in this freedom

That you trust fully in the process of human evolution because each soul is a powerful source

That you feel great joy when humans realize their divine nature and express that in the lives the lead

This is the potential that lies within you, to be divine, to be creative in expression, to live with great purpose, to live in perfect freedom and to love without limits.