Bin Laden Is Gone, Are We Ready Yet To Evolve The Ego

The last 24-hours the Web has buzzing with the story of the killing of Osama Bin Laden.  The US wanted him dead not captured because there was too much to deal with if he was alive.  The mere existence of Bin Laden has been the driving force for so much of our foreign policy and the rationalization to continue such a huge and budget busting defense budget.  Having a defined enemy works very well for the military-industrial complex/ US war machine.  What will these merchants of death and destruction do now?  How will they rationalize all the money that gets wasted on more and more killing machines?

Maybe it’s time for an evolution of the ego-mind?  Maybe it’s time to mature beyond the big stick mentality?  Maybe we can grow up and act like conscious and compassionate human beings instead of power and control freaks?

Much of human history has been tainted by the endless warfare cause by the ego-minds of those who wanted to dominate others. This history of endless ego driven murder of each other is really a deep illness of the mind.  This illness is driven by thoughts and feelings of not being enough, of wanting to control and dominate others, of needing to be right, and more nonsense.  These are all indicators of unhealthy egos. 

A world free of ego dominance would be much better for all living things on the planet.  Can you imagine us working together on the planet cooperating with each other, celebrating differences, seeking mutual solutions and lived in peace?  This better world is not that far out of reach. 

The kind of changes necessary for a better world include the following:

  • A deepening connection and exploration of our higher nature
  • An active pursuit of expanded levels of consciousness
  • An opening of the mind to all kinds of ideas, possibilities, and points of view
  • An opening of the heart willing to express unconditional love
  • A search for individual truth beyond the conditioning of the past
  • An evolution of the ego’s need to be in control and ego’s use of fear to create that control
  • A maturity of humility, patience, compassion, and spirituality
  • A movement away from rabid nationalism towards a global citizenry
  • A commitment to deepening relationships with each other
  • A shift away from the mind’s endless judging towards acceptance of self and others
  • A willingness to step back and view self and the world with impartiality, as if we are an objective observer of reality
  • A realization of the unity (consciously, physically, genetically, at a particle level and much more) of all beings who share this planet.  An awareness that together we all share hopes for a better world for us and our families

These changes are both extremely complicated and profoundly simple.  If you and I go inward and take the time to listen to our higher nature, our intuitive knowing, we will be shown the way to a more expanded expression of who we are.

Now a few minutes of humor from Jon Steward's take on Bin Laden in case you think I am taking this all too serious.