Politics Needs Truth Not Opinion

Lately I have written a couple of blog entries focused on politics but I didn’t post them.  My reluctance is because the world of politics seems more and more like a black hole where all reason is lost, where opinion is empty of deeper thought, where consciousness is missing, and where the ego mind runs unchecked down an absurd road of nonsense.

Here is my current list of concerns that people actually have strong opinions about but seem to lack any deeper understanding of the truth: 

The Earth is in trouble because of the impact of human beings, anyone who denies that is invested in not seeing.  We live in partnership with the Earth and if we take care of it, it will take care of us.

The wars the US are in have nothing to do with keeping us safe. They are clearly driven by the agenda of those seeking control over others for financial gains and to expand their hold on power.  Soldiers in these wars are not dying to keep us free but because for wrong minded political agendas. (It is costing us about $2,000,000 per day for the war in Libya and that is nothing compared to the other two wars) The wars we are in make no sense so they have to be about making profits for the military-industrial corporations.

Healthcare corporations don’t care about serving the needs of their customer; they only care about profits.  They have become heartless in the pursuit of more money as do many corporations.

Politicians work totally and completely for those that pay for them to get elected.  People don’t like government because they know our elected official don’t care about them.  It is time for our elected official to work for the people.

The bailout of the financial sector was a total robbery of the American people.  This was to make sure those with much invested in this sector got richer on the backs of the working people.

The US budget is a mess for two main reasons, one is the Bush tax cut and the other is the US participation in three wars.  The tax cut is a Republican strategy to break the government so it cannot regulate the unchecked seeking of profits no matter what harm they cause. 

The food industry is being run by corporations who have no interest in healthy food, in the environment, in looking out for the well-being of the nation and it people.

The oil companies are destroying our world by killing alternatives and polluting our air, water and earth and we a paying them subsidies to do so.

The media is run by corporations that have no interest in the truth but a big investment in keeping the people entertained and distracted.

The justice system has become more about punishment and less about treatment and that does not work.  We lock people up who get in trouble because of their mental and emotional problems and then we make them worse in prison.

My biggest questions are: What should we do about these situations?  If we have the will and the consciousness to make a difference, where do we start?