Be Like A River

On Sunday I listen twice to an amazing interview over at Sound’s True (see ad to the right) in their free podcast series.  The interview was of Michael Brant DeMaria who is a psychologist, writer, painter, musician, workshop leader and more.  He talks about being in the flow of life and uses water as a source of great inspiration.  His music is full of the inspiration of flow.  I realized that I too am deeply inspired by water especially rivers and the ocean.

I sense the call to flow, to water, to living life from being in alignment with the higher knowing within me.  Flow to me is about living moment by moment in touch with the wisdom that resides in me.  This flow is sourced deep inside where my spirit is always in oneness with Infinite Supply/Source Energy.

There are a few flows that I want to focus on because I can sense they are alive and in need of intention and attention.  So I intend to pay attention to the flows of love, creativity, intuition, infinite supply and soul/spirit. 

If you like you can join me in exploring and expressing these flows.  Here is what I know about each of these specific flows: 

The first flow is the flow of love.  The heart is the physical manifestation of love, compassion, kindness and caring.  The heart center is the philosophical location of all that is love.  Love itself flows from a higher state within all of us that seems to be linked to the Source of all Creation.  Our capacity to love is infinite.  To love is to be in the flow of our highest human capacity.

The second flow is the flow of creativity.  In each of us is a abundant flow of creativity waiting to be discovered and explored.  There never has been found a limit to creativity.  Exploring the creative flow means to tap into where we are being called to express our uniqueness.  Creative flow is uplifting, energizing, and empowering.  To create is to live both an inspired life and to be uplifting in our expression.

The third flow is the flow of intuition.  Each of us has the ability to be a highly intuitive person.  It is not complicated to nurture our inner source of guidance and inspiration.  All we have to do is listen inside to the quieting knowing that is always whispering to us.  Intuition is the most wonderful resource for the most wonderful life if we only take the time to pay attention to its guidance.

The fourth flow is the flow of infinite supply.  There is all that we need waiting for us if we enter in the flow of supply.  The universe lies in waiting to supply us if we only get clear about what we need and align with our higher nature.  There is no lack in the universe only infinite supply ready when we are.  To flow in infinite supply is to live in the oneness of the universe.

The fifth flow is the flow of our spirit, our soul.  Spirit and soul are difficult to sort out as to what is what so I will use them both interchangeably.  Living a soul-filled life is to be in touch with the grace of being human in touch with our higher nature.  This flow is the flow toward our magnificence, toward an appreciation of who we are in a fullest expression.  When we step into this flow it feels as if we have arrived at the place we were born to realize. 

I noticed as I write this that I love to write about flow and that is because my writing is absolutely at its best when I let the flow go.  My work with clients is also at its freshest and most inspired when I am open to the flow within me.  My presentations and workshops also work best when I am in the present and trusting the wise flow that wants to express through me.