Waking Up And Helping Others Wake Up

No Agenda – except for waking up fully and helping others do the same.  This is a Buddha’s full-time occupation.”   I believe this is a quote from the Dalai Lama that ended up on one of my collages that I had done recently.   I am not a Buddha but it seems my purpose at this point in my life is to “wake up fully and help others do the same.”

Here is one of my recent collages that I thought you might appreciate:

I have a number of inner practices that I have shared with you over these now almost 1500 posts.  Yet I am always reading about, learning, and practices new ways of waking up.  My latest practice is one of going inward beyond the words, emotions and sensations and making contact with the “me” that is infinite and eternal. 

This moving below or above (however you want to imagine it) the noise of life is something I try to do throughout my day.  As I touch in and get below the chaos of thoughts, emotions and sensations I feel this expanding place of peace.  Then I breathe into this space and who I am becomes clearer.   Breathing in this case is a long slow exhale which I find very soothing and relaxing and a deep inhale.  A few cycles of this type of breath enriches the moment.

I see that I am the energy of consciousness not bound by my stories or dramas.  I am not held back by the limits of my body or the ups and downs of my emotions.  In these moments I have become free to be infinite and eternal.

This expanded place within is comforting because I can step back and see whatever is going on doesn’t really matter.  There is none of the noise of the outer stuff of living when I am aligned with my spiritual nature.  There is just watch and being.  

In case you wondering - this quiet knowing is not boring in any way because the outside is still going on, I am seeing the beauty around me, tasting a delicious dessert, having fulfilling interactions with others and more.  I am still human so I can see and appreciate the benefits of my humanness but thankfully I am freed up from the mistaken identity with all that is going on.

Every time I do this tuning in, the awareness of this infinite state expands.   This practice is simple but it has great benefit.  In the tuning in, the awakened part of me gets larger.  The more my awakening, the more I can help others do the same.