Part One: Awakening Through Beauty

Yesterday’s post got something stirred up in me.  A creative flow began to arise in me about the importance of awakening you and I so we can help others awaken.  This flow gave me a list of ideas/practices that are simple but effective in helping us wake up and be more conscious and aware human beings.  I decided to do a series on basic practices for our own awakening and to share them so you can bring them to others and together we can all become more conscious and awake.

This will be Part One since the last post was the introduction to this new series.  I am confident you will find these ideas and practices very enriching.  Please let me know how it goes.

The first simple but powerful practice is to notice the beauty around you.  This beauty is most often found outdoors in nature, in your neighbor’s flower filled front yard, in the park nearby, in the view from your window, or the walk you take on a warm night or even in the sky scrapers that hug the sidewalks in your urban cityscape.

Beauty is all around us and it comes in the form of amazing colors, intricate patterns, eye-catching visuals, and inspired design.  Beauty may be a loving smile, the melody of a song, an idea that turns into a creative project, and other encounters when something in you is touched.

These encounters, all though rich in themselves, gain a deeper meaning when you are able to fully see your connection to the beauty before you.  When in the presence you are filled with love for a bonanza of vivid colors in a garden or jump out of you car in excitement to watch a sunset, you become transformed by the moment of beauty.   Just being in appreciation of beauty is expansive and when you acknowledge this appreciation and you welcome how you are being made more conscious, then the result is that you and the beauty are one.  This oneness with beauty brings you into oneness with your own beauty and the eternal beauty and wisdom of the universe.

This weekend if you are willing, take a walk in the most beautiful place you know and let that beauty call to you where the grace of the moment resides.   In the grace of beauty, you will be invited to be aware and to awaken to what in you wants to realize and express its own beauty. 

Let the beauty express its nature, breathe into it, soak it up, love it, feel the appreciation for the joining you have with what is amazing and beautiful.