Everyday Is Precious If We Have Awakened To The Moment

It is 10:30 in the evening and I have pumpkin bread in the oven and our Addiction Recovery staff picnic tomorrow (now today).  I had another post written but the timing of it was changed when my meeting with the director was rescheduled.  So now I am sitting here open to ideas for a quick and inspired post. 

There have been a few very sad losses going on lately with our clients.  One client had one of his nephews stabbed three times and another nephew shot and killed.  Another found out his girlfriend has a tumor that the doctors say she only has 6-9 months to live.   Another client due to his felonies of 20 years ago can’t find any place to live.  Two recent grads from our treatment program have fallen back into their addictions. 

All of this makes for both a sense of heaviness and a reminder that life is precious and today is the day to enjoy living as fully as we can.    We never know when our well-being or the life of those we love may come screeching to a halt.   Life is rich with meaning and meant to be lived today.  If living today is not what happens, when will it?  If we pass on going for life as fully as possible each day then don’t we chance missing out.

Today is the best day of our life.  It can never be better than it is in the present.    Where are we stuck in old holding patterns?  How do we squash ourselves from really enjoying each day?  When do we arrive at the best moment of life, isn’t it now?